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September 2019 / Website & App


Buddy is an app designed to connect wannabe travellers that are looking for travel companions, but aren’t so keen on pre-planned group travel options . With Buddy, users are free from the restraints and commercialism of traditional group travel companies, and the removal of authority and itineraries helps foster authentic and unique experiences. Buddy’s visual direction is reflective of this bold, authentic and unique identity, with touches of anti-design incorporated mindfully, whence suitable. The blue used is highly fashionable in anti-design, as it is jarring and associated with the unrefined default styling of a link. I thought this appreciably reinforced Buddy’s simplicity. In Buddy’s mobile application, usability comes first, with high-contrast and minimalistic design for every-day interacting. This site was built mobile-first, and is fully functional and responsive. All photography used is royalty-free.


Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects / Sketch / HTML / CSS / JS / JQuery